Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life Goes On...

Life goes on....

but should it? Shouldn't it stop? When something so tragic and momentous happens shouldn't the world stop?

How can everything just go on? Shouldn't we all stop and help pick up the pieces? Help rebuild?

If it were us, wouldn't we want life to pause? Just for a second? When it happens to us, and it will, in one way or another, how will we feel as we see life carry on around us? When the world we knew is gone?

It's been almost two years and our lives goes on, but what's life like back in NOLA? We're so quick to forget; out of sight out of mind. Some didn't even blink. Others saw an opportunity to benefit themselves. But even those of us that did care enough where are we now? Our lives have moved on too.

Life has gone on....but should it have?